1. Call 855-WBEZ-CAR (855-923-9227) or complete our donation form below


2. Schedule your free and convenient pickup


3. Receive a donation receipt for your generous gift

WBEZ Chicago's Vehicle Donation Program

WBEZ Chicago, a public media institution, is deeply invested in the civic life and health of the community we serve. Our programs and services are dedicated to sparking meaningful connections between people; whether it is linking Chicagoans to the wider world or connecting neighbors that might not otherwise meet.

Have an old car taking up valuable space? Donate it to WBEZ Chicago!

Donating a vehicle is a substantial gift and may even qualify for a tax deduction! As you clear out the garage or driveway for free, we’ll use the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to continue our rescue program. Donate today, your tax-deductible donation enables us to continue airing the programming you love!

Online Vehicle Donation Form